Why do some power capacitors fail shortly after running?

2019-04-17 16:32

With the advancement of the times and the change of technology, the manufacturing process of power capacitors and other related products should be more and more mature. Why is their actual service life not as good as before? Come and find out in today's article!

Reasons why today's power capacitors are prone to failure

1. Changes in the operating environment

At present, the arrangement density of many switch cabinets and compensation cabinets continues to increase, and the overall heat dissipation conditions become worse. This situation will directly lead to higher and higher operating ambient temperatures of power capacitors.

The ambient temperature will directly affect the actual service life of the power capacitor. Relevant testing practices show that the service life of the power capacitor may be halved for every 7°C increase in the ambient temperature.

2. Grid situation

With the advancement of social demand and technology, my country's power system is becoming larger and larger, and the power grid structure is becoming more and more complex. After the power capacitor bank is integrated into the grid, it will be affected by harmonics, grid voltage and increasing switching frequency, and the "burden" will also increase...

In this case, the power capacitor will be more easily affected by external factors, and the failure rate will continue to increase.

3. Unscrupulous manufacturers

At present, domestic and foreign capacitor brands are jointly occupying the Chinese market. Some manufacturers like to choose cheap materials in order to fight the price war. The technology and field strength design cannot meet the relevant standards.

Enterprises that choose such power capacitors are naturally prone to problems shortly after they are put into use and cannot operate normally.

How to ensure that the power capacitor has a long service life?

1. Choose a power capacitor with better quality. Xiaoku has written a method for distinguishing whether the capacitor is good or bad (how to judge the quality of compensation capacitor products and manufacturers?), you can refer to;

2. Operate under the specified conditions, avoid long-term operation under the conditions of overvoltage and overcurrent, and take corresponding cooling measures immediately when the operating temperature of the power capacitor is found to be high;

3. A certain heat dissipation device should be installed in the capacitor room, and a certain "heat dissipation" distance should be maintained when the capacitor is installed.